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Australia, New Zealand, Diplomacy

Pictures from the recent World Diplomacy Championship in Sydney 2011

The game of Diplomacy in Australia and New Zealand. Information about the Diplomacy hobby in Australia and New Zealand, including when and where to play, how to contact other players, hobby news and the Diplomacy Association of Australia and New Zealand (DAANZ).

"Diplomacy can be much more than just a nasty game where people tell lies to each other.
Diplomacy at its best is a vehicle for learning about yourself and about human nature, about your capacity for resilience and recovery, about strategic and tactical thinking, about handling pressure and thinking on your feet, about creative negotiation and mutual gain, about trust and balance and power dynamics and yes disappointment. These aspects make it more than 'just a game'.
It has the potential to make you a better, stronger, wiser person." , Quote from recent tournament

  • Results - Tournament results and player rankings
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